Fidelity Management provides a broad range of fully integrated real estate management functions including the following:

Property Management

Fidelity Management’s property management services ensure that physical facilities and grounds are well maintained while providing pristine curb appeal at all times. With a combination of in-house staff and contract service providers we supervise and disburse payment for all maintenance services and repairs. Through established vendor relationships and competitive bidding, our goal is to provide the highest quality work at the best pricing for all facility related expenses.

Personnel make regular inspections, as well as night and inclement weather visits, and are on 24 hour emergency call with a focus on tenant relations.

Financial Management and Reporting

Fidelity Management produces detailed monthly financial reporting information through extensive use of MRI.

Rent collection issues and billing questions are paramount and are handled with an eye on resolving the matter accurately and quickly.

Construction Services and Management

Fidelity Management’s construction department services range from fitting out individual tenant spaces to complete renovation, redevelopment and expansion of an entire center.

In the past few years, we have renovated entire centers and have an in-depth knowledge of every aspect with regard to development and construction.